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  4. Not more than 5 Students in one Batch
  5. Programme equipped with HardCore Access Assignments
  6. Projects Making
  7. Online help even after the Training- Forever
  8. Arrangement of Videos for the revision of each Subject
  9. You may choose your Topics and we can design the training accordingly
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Day 1

  • Introduction To Database Concept
  • Why we use a Database
  • Our Learning and expectations from the course?
  • Introduction to MS Access
  • Access Pillars-Tables,Forms,Queries,Reports
  • Relationship between Access Objects/Pillars
  • The Ribbon,Quick Access Toolbar,Minimize and maximize Ribbon
  • Open and close Database
  • Saving database,Renaming database
  • Working with Tables,Open Tables,Edit records
  • Import/Linking data from Excel or Text files in access Tables
  • Modify appearance-resizing fields and rows,Hiding the rows or fields
  • Let us Understand the Tables–> Records,Fields,field names
  • Navigation buttons in Tables-How to create new record,Filter,Sort and use of search key
  • Add,Save a record,editing record,replace existing records
  • To delete a record
  • Design View-Data Types-Formatting of table

Day 2

  • Introduction to Queries
  • Select Query
  • Update Query
  • Make Table query
  • CrossTab
  • Delete
  • Append
  • Drop-SQL Statement
  • Union,Union All- SQL
  • Update Query,Parameter Query
  • Implementing the Queries – Project Discussion
  • Create new headers Using Existing Table Headers
  • Design view- sql view-Modifying queries-Sorting queries,Group by
  • Total query,Count,Avg,minimum,sum
  • Using query Wizard- Finding Duplicate or Unmatched items
  • Sub Queries

Day 3

  • Introduction to Forms
  • Using Wizard and using tables data
  • Designing it on your own-from begning
  • Creating Buttons in Forms
  • Setting controls on your Forms,Design view,Layout View,Actual View
  • Making buttons operational -Linking them with Macros,Queries
  • Form connection with Queries and Tables- Part of a Project Discussion

Day 4

  • Open a form,Entering and modifying Data,add a new record
  • To find existing record to view or edit
  • Save the record
  • Delete the record
  • Various conditions used in filtering-Contains,Does not contain etc
  • Filter from a selection

Day 5

  • Access MIS Functions
  • Lower,upper,proper
  • Mid,Left,Right,Trim,Ltrim,Rtrim
  • IIf,Format,Hour,Int,IsDate,Isnull,Isnumeric
  • Min,Max,Minute,Month,Hour,Second
  • Replace,str,weekday,len,Date,Day
  • DateValue,Datepart,DateDiff,Dateadd,now,Round,Fix

Day 6

  • Introduction to Macros
  • Understanding the concept of Macro Window
  • Difference between Excel Macros and Access Macros
  • Export with Formatting,Import Export data,ImportExport Spreadsheet

Day 7

  • Open Table Using Macro
  • Rename Object
  • Open Form
  • Close Form
  • How to close application
  • select Object,Delete Object,Copy Object
  • message box,apply filter
  • How to show all macros
  • Close database,Close window

Day 8

  • Go to control
  • Go to Record
  • Open query,Open Form,Open Table,Open Report
  • on error

Day 9

  • Introduction to Reports
  • Project Making – Revision of all Content

Day 10

  • Questions and Doubt Session