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  5. Programme equipped with HardCore Access Assignments
  6. Projects Making
  7. Online help even after the Training- Forever
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Day 1

  • Introduction To VBA
  • Introducing Access Object Model
  • Working with the Visual Basic Window,Project explorer,Modules,Forms
  • Create,export and delete code modules
  • How to record a macro/subroutine
  • Adding Comments to your code
  • Running your code using different ways

Day 2

  • Introduction to Variables
  • Significance of Local Variables/Public/Global Variables
  • Using different Access Data Types
  • Discussion on Call function
  • message box discussion,local windows,watch windows
  • Familarity with Tools menu
  • Importance of Option explicit
  • Setting break mode,step wise mode

Day 3

  • Introduction to Loops
  • For Next
  • Do while
  • Collection Loops-Tables,Forms,Queries
  • docmd command
  • Meaning of objects Using DAO technology
  • How to define the Access Objects

Day 4

  • How to deal and work with external Objects
  • Open,Edit and close the objects
  • Learn to use the SQL codes to run action queries
  • What are recordsets,their use,handling of it
  • How to loop through recordsets,their fields,field values,editing
  • Project discussion -Covering all the above chapters

Day 5

  • How to connect Excel,Export data from tables,queries in sheets
  • How to import and export from one database to another database
  • Use of Mid,Left,Right,Trim functions in VBA window
  • IIf,Format,Hour,Int,IsDate,Isnull,Isnumeric
  • Min,Max,Minute,Month,Hour,Second
  • Replace,str,weekday,len,Date,Day
  • DateValue,Datepart,DateDiff,Dateadd,now,Round,Fix,Dlookup

Day 6

  • Understanding Arrays
  • Declaration and use of local window with Arrays
  • Different ways of using it- Option Base
  • Mini Project showing their use and Significance
  • Designing the Forms
  • Creating Buttons and adding codes
  • Make your form linked with Access and Excel

Day 7

  • Handling Errors
  • Use of Input box and Message Box

Day 8

  • Project/Exercise Day
  • Export Three tables in Excel three sheets
  • Getting second db table names using message box
  • Getting the excel sheet names in access Table
  • Userform- Running a time scheduler and opens another access db macro
  • ListBox functioning
  • Export data from table to excel only for selected ID in form

Day 9

  • Using form-Insert and remove data in table
  • open one db using other db
  • Exporting Company based records in excel chosen by user

Day 10

  • Questions and Doubt Session
  • Students Test/Quiz