Excel VBA Introduction & Variable Scopes- Chapter 1


1 Introduction To VBA



  • What is a VBA and a Macro.
  • What is difference between VBA and Macro
  • Why do we need VBA in Excel
  • Know your VBA editor 
  • How to record a macro, edit the macro and run the macro- several techniques
  • Know the basic important VBA Syntaxes like Finding the last cell, or first cell.
  • Mistakes beginner do in Recording a macro – Good discussion with solutions
  • how to fill the call value ,challenges in macro recording
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a macro editor. Know your editor very well
  • Data compilation project for Better vba understanding
  • What are variables. data types, memory usage 
  • Use of option explicit
  • VBA Interview preparation basis this topic
  • Calling one macro from another using call key word. Naming rules to be remembered while giving name to Sub-routines or procedures or modules.
  • Know your local window very well. Know your project explorer and short cut keys.
  • What is a standard toolbar,debug toolbar and edit. Where do we use them and much more.
  • What are local, public ,global and private ,module level variables- Complete discussion 
  • Classwork file with assignments plus online assistance by me 24*7.


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