Loops/SubLoops & Detailed IF-Else statements- Chapter 2

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2 Scope And Life Of Variables



  • Know your FOR NEXT and DO WHILE Loops- from syntax to their need in VBA.
  • Lean to handle loops errors. if they come in code
  • How to reverse the loops- use of Step key word.
  • How to write sub-loops which is loop inside loop – Become fundamentally strong.
  • How to exit from loops whenever you want, why we want to exit before loop finishes.
  • Importance of indentation in loops.
  • Design different Loop patterns to gain more confidence.
  • One pattern but multiple solutions . Using Range command, Using cells command and Offset etc.
  • Know your IF statements – Basic plus advance.
  • How to write Multiple IF statements – When to exit and when not.
  • Combining IF functions with Loops – things to be taken care of.
  • Precautions need to be taken care of before running the loops.
  • Questions come in VBA interview on Loops and IF functions.
  • Handle errors from their descriptions.
  • Real Examples discussed in lecture
  • Classwork and assignment files with 24*7 online support available

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