Very Powerful Collection Loops & Workbook Objects – Data Management – Chapter 3


3 Know Your Loops



Do you not want to compile data from different worksheets and workbooks. How to go to different workbooks and pull the data from there and compile it one place. How to work with so many sheets without bothering about things – what name they have , if they will get deleted in future or if more sheets get added. These collection loops make you a great programmer. in-fact, if you do not know this you can never be a great coder. Come and fall in love with them. Immensely helpful , interesting and powerful. 

  • Learn how to work with workbooks and worksheets
  • How to open the workbooks, how to close one workbook, specific workbook or all opened workbooks
  • learn how to delete or add workbooks , how to jump from one workbook to another. From activate files to editing them -we are covering all.
  • how to select or delete or protect or rename or add the worksheets in excel.
  • how to define the workbooks and worksheets in a professional manner using “Set” Keyword. What is the advantage of declaring objects as classes.
  • What happens if we declare set statements anywhere in the code. Does it allowed in vba? Detailed discussion on the proper mentioning of dim and set statements while dealing with objects and classes.
  • How VBA works when it comes to writing syntaxes. Discussion on the object hierarchy and its methods and properties.
  • Questioning rounds in a live session to students to practice more on set keyword.
  • What are collection loops and their basic syntax’s – their practical use
  • Loop through worksheets in a workbook
  • Loop through workbooks one by one when they are opened
  • Hoop through cells in range and see the use of those collection loops in projects
  • How to work with multiple sheets like hiding or unhiding them
  • How to copy and paste the data from each of the sheets in a workbook
  • What if you want to copy the data from multiple workbooks , going to each of the worksheet and copying the data and pasting it in one single workbook. This is going to be done using collection loop.
  • What is a dot operator and how objects are classified in VBA. Learn about object methods and properties – What are these and what is the difference between them . Their significance in VBA.
  • few amazing projects for students
  • Online assistance always there for students by me to clear their doubts and questions.


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