Amazing Access Userforms and SQL syntaxes in Full Detail – Chapter 3


Access Userform and SQL – Chapter 3



  • We are learning the SQL syntax’s . How do we write select ,update,delete ,make table, insert into queries. Not just that , but also while writing the queries what important things we need to take care of . for eg weather to use single quotes or double quotes or both depending you using integer or string data type. Lot of interesting things are going on in these sessions. Enough to make you a great access user-form programmer.
  • We will go and take a deep dive into access user-forms where i will teach you all the important form controls like list-boxes,combo-box,text-box labels option buttons check box . It is a complete tutorial starting from scratch. Its a long training and you will not just learn the how to design form controls , What are their properties
  • User-Form control events –  how they run and we need to program
  • many good examples taken from real access projects to give you a confidence.its not just a learning about topics but also in real life we use them.
  • How to create Login page and protect the database preventing it not to access by invalid users. Step by step tutorial for you.
  • A real ms access reporting project which revises everything we have done so far.


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