Access VBA Arrays and In-depth Functions UDFs – Chapter 2


Access VBA Arrays and Functions – Chapter 2



  • This tutorial is meant for those who knows the use of Variable in programming and how to loop through the record-sets in access vba.
  • If are not aware of these things then kindly first go and learn these subjects. You can enroll for series 1 which is my first series in the Access VBA training.
  • In this tutorial, we are talking about the basics of Arrays – what are the arrays – why we use them and how we use them in practical life.
  • What is option base1 .What questions can be asked in your interview related to that.
  • How to loop through the arrays. How to use lbound and ubound functions in arrays. Why are they used and what is their advantage.
  • What is redim and need of using it. What is preserve statement in Arrays and its advantage.
  • I have shared an interesting¬†project as well with you .
  • After Arrays, we are talking about Access vba inbuilt functions along-with UDFs. (user defined functions).
  • You can create your own functions as well in vba to make things simpler. Let us start it now. Happy learning.


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