Tables & Queries (Basic to Advance) – Chapter 1

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Chapter1 – Tables



  • This course is talking about MS ACCESS TABLES and QUERIES in detail. Program is for those students who want to learn ms access and take their knowledge to new heights.
  • What are the Tables- Their use, how to design them.
  • Why we use the Tables- Import and Export the data from external sources like text file, excel file, csv files and other sources like ms access itself.
  • Use of saving import and export steps 
  • Validation and rules concept while designing the Tables – in depth discussion
  • Select query with so many different examples including the SQL statement of same
  • Update – Delete- Append- cross tab- Make Table – update – drop query – all action and select queries are discussed with examples
  • Use of operators like in , not in, <>, wild characters (*,?) , between,> ,< signs
  • How to use query wizard to find out unmatched records or duplicate records .
  • How to use Group option in queries.
  • Use of Sub- queries.
  • Project discussion in the end so that what we have learn can be easily understood .How it works in real life.
  • I am available for any type of query or doubt if you have. All the best.

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