MS Access Forms – Chapter 3

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Chapter3 – SubQueries Joins & Functions



  • Learn how to create a form from basics
  • What is the use of different types of views- Design,Layout and form view
  • Know about labels,text boxes,check boxes,option buttons,list-box and combo-box
  • How to put values in combo-box using SQL syntax
  • How to put value in combo box using select query wizard or manually
  • How to use row source property and customize the query being used in these controls
  • How to set up relationship between two combo-boxes
  • How to set up relationship between combo and list box
  • Learn how to use macro and query in forms – just a basic part
  • How to link form controls with queries and be able to generate wonderful projects
  • Learn about sub-forms from their design to their actual use in real life.
  • What is difference between control source and row source property of form controls and how to use control source for calculations
  • How to use add existing field tab
  • how to email the data without using vba
  • how to work with images if you like to do it
  • In last . one project shared with you which covers above said point in detail. Everything is downloadable and you can practice.

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