Secrets of DateTime functions, OFFSET ,Charts & ActiveX/Form Controls-Chapter 5


Excel Date OFFSET Charts ACTIVE-X and FORM Controls – Chapter 5



  • How to work with Dates and Time
  • Adding them , subtracting them , changing the formats
  • What is the science behind date and time functions. How are they calculated?
  • Know all important date and time functions. From calculating the date, time learn how to calculate working days, last days, first days and much more.
  • Cannot use LOOKUP functions with dates . See the reasons and solution provided by date and time value functions
  • Unleashing the power of OFFSET Function. From basics to advance . Know everything about its use and advantages.
  • Learn how to make charts from basics. 
  • Chart data challenges- how to analyse and sort them out.
  • Learn all chart elements , their role and their funcitoning
  • How to change chart sources. designs, create secondary axis
  • How to solve chart data issues
  • How to use offset to make charts dynamic.
  • What are activex and form controls and how we can use them in our dashboards.
  • Creating scroll bars, option buttons and check boxes using active x controls without VBA.
  • How to make graphs using activex or form controls
  • Classwork files and assignments are available
  • 24*7 Online or phone support


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