Powerful Index with Error Handlers & All Text Functions – Chapter 2


Excel Index Error Handlers and Text Functions – Chapter 2



  • You will be able to learn INDEX, MATCH, MID, LEFT, RIGHT,FIND, SEARCH functions.
  • Chapter covers basics as well as Advance level.
  • Advantages of using INDEX over VLOOKUP function.
  • Basic INDEX using cell referencing and dynamic super advance index using two MATCH functions
  • Extract the cell values from any position using MID,LEFT,RIGHT Functions
  • Which is better option . Find or Search function. Explained in detail
  • How to use these functions together and make a complex formula .
  • Use of Find in Find and making it super advance function.
  • Use of find with lookup functions – Practical examples
  • How to handle errors like #N/A, #VALUE, #REF Etc
  • Know your IFERROR and ISERROR Functions to deal with known errors
  • Know your IF(ISERROR – How to use it and in which cases it is required
  • Difference between IFERROR AND IF(ISERROR – Syntax formation and Logic reasoning
  • Assignments(Super Advance) with classwork files
  • Online support via email and Phone


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