Cell Referencing with Complete Vlookup,Match and IFs functions – Chapter 1


Excel MIS Analytics Advance Vlookup,Match and IF – Chapter 1



  • You will be learning the use of Dollar sign .
  • Definition of Static and Dynamic formulas.
  • Introduction to formula bar,address bar and what is a constant and formula ,their differences.
  • Why and Where Cells needs to be freezed or kept open using Dollar signs.
  • What is a VLOOKUP function. Its use ,advantages and disadvantages.
  • Discussion on MATCH function, TRIM Functions. Their basics, limitations and strength.
  • Magical power comes when VLOOKUP is used with TRIM and MATCH together. Awesome Examples.
  • It’s a complete tutorial for beginners and intermediate excel users. From Basic to Super Advance level.
  • Controlling the cells and formula direction using dollar sign and other spreadsheet fundamentals.
  • What are logical functions. Complete discussion on IF functions.
  • How and where to use IF AND, IF OR logic’s.
  • Amazing Nested IFs. Complex situations handled using IF in IF functions.
  • How to use more than one function in Excel and make a complex formula.
  • Classwork files and Assignments made by me on practical issues is also covered for you.


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