Excel VBA Charts – Chapter 11


4 Collection Loops



  • How to create new charts in excel.
  • How to work with existing charts in excel. How to go to each of them one by one and do modifications. Any type of modification like changing chart design or editing labels or chart titles etc
  • Loops importance in charts
  • Collection loops of charts – to work with multiple charts in one go
  • Use of other Collection loops with chart collection loops.Loops in Loops.
  • Projects for you to know more about Charts using input-box and range commands- Great case studies.
  • 3 Bonus videos for you- Surprise tests conducted in my online classes (Advance Level) – Arrays, Functions, File folder handling , if functions and Loops) Its  a mixture of all important VBA topics.These tests are going to benefit you if you already have a good knowledge of these topics)


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