Excel VBA Connecting MS Access Database- Chapter 14

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4 Collection Loops



  • Learn about ADO Library. Active x data object library use
  • How to set up connection with access if located on server or local machine using excel VBA
  • What are recordsets in ms access using excel vba
  • How to run loops in access tables
  • How to use SQL Commands like select statement, update ,delete and insert
  • How to edit or change specific record in ms access creating user forms
  • Significance of recordset cursor lock type – read-only and optimisticbatch
  • A powerful project for you . This will make you super awesome because it is going to give real learning as to how what we have learnt so far can be used in making projects. Let us learn how we can make a break time scheduler for our team wherein they go on break and come back from break -their duration gets recorded and supervisors using this tool can see who is adhering and who is not adhering.

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