Error handlers & In-detail- Message boxes/Input Boxes – Chapter 8


4 Collection Loops



  • Course is focusing on basic level developers who know arrays. loops and variable pretty well and now want to take their knowledge to next level.
  • From designing to programming and what things to be kept in mind while making user-forms.
  • Collection loops structure in User-forms and their use practically.
  • User-forms are very important part of VBA and one cannot be known as a great programmer if he or she does not know userforrms. This is not just a basic level information tutorial on FORMS but you shall see here loops, if functions, variables use and collections loops is applied . After-all. there is nothing better than practical learning so i have great MIS Projects as well for you.
  • Many good short projects for you on user forms.
  • Combo-box,Listbox,text-box,labels,command buttons,date time calendars,frames – everything discussed from scratch
  • Use of change event, click event, initialize event,close events
  • Create Move next button in forms to see the data one by one coming from excel
  • Some projects and assignments with ready made codes is added as well.


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