Complete discussion on VBA Functions (Inbuilt & User-defined) – Chapter 5


4 Collection Loops



  • We are learning everything about vba functions from their definitions to their practical use in excel day to day work life.
  • Lessons are started from very basic understanding and gradually moving toward advance levels. 
  • You will see the use of functions practically as well and their powerful and unique combinations with loops and arrays. Must watch for wannabe developers
  • Inbuilt functions of VBA
  • UDFs – User defined functions in VBA
  • Advantage of UDFs over Inbuilt excel functions. From limitations to dealing with complex situations – I have got everything for you. Many amazing projects are shared in the series.
  • Can we pass in parameters in sub routines . How to call functions from excel sheets or sub routines.
  • What is the process of passing parameters from a sub routine to a function and how it is useful for us.
  • Questions asked in your VBA Interview.
  • Assignments are added to give you a real exposure.
  • Vlookup advance level projects discussed.
  • My online support forever for you.


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