Work with Files/Folders and FileDialogs & Error Handlers-Chapter 4


deal with errors

deal with files and folders



  • We are talking about Error Handlers – if error comes then how we can customize them or by pass them and get code run successfully.
  • We are also talking about message boxes and input boxes-  from their basics to real use in coding life.
  • Most important topic is how to handle files and folders . How to get inside folders of your choice and pick the files which you can move or copy in other folders or even import in access in one table or different -different tables depending how many files you have got.
  • learn also how to run access macros in vba and also how to display file dialog – again from learning them to their real use in practical life
  • how to create new folders or how to ignore them if they exist. Related to folders and files we are going to learn so much in this tutorial
  • if you have any questions or need my assistance in making your projects – you are most welcome


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